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The World of Eberron

Eberron, figuratively and literally, is a world in three parts. Mythology suggests that the three parts correspond to three great dragons of legendary times—Siberys, the Dragon Above; Khyber, the Dragon Below; and Eberron, the Dragon Between. This figurative interpretation makes its way into religion, philosophy, and folklore, and every culture has a version of the legend of the creator dragons.

In literal terms, the Dragon Above corresponds to the ring of dragonshards that encircles the world high above the equator. The Ring of Siberys can be seen in the southern sky, appearing as a luminescent band of golden specks that begins the winter equinox narrow and intense and becomes wider and more diffuse as the year progresses. It can be seen best at night but is visible during the day as well.

Khyber, the Dragon Below, comprises the underdark of the world, the labyrinthine caverns that snake beneath the surface and fill the depths of the planet. Khyber consists of twisting tunnels that open on vaults of varying shapes and sizes. This subterranean expanse mirrors the world above, a dark reflection of underground rivers, still lakes, and fiery streams of molten lava.

Between the two, the surface of Eberron stretches from horizon to horizon, a patchwork of fields and forests, oceans and mountains, deserts, swamps, jungles, tundra, and more. Beneath a yellow sun, Eberron’s varied environments give way one to another across each continent. Mountains rise, valleys fall, and water surrounds the land.

Geography of Khorvaire

Below you will find information on places you’ve been during the campaign:
  • Aundair – A proud nation known for the importance of wits and magic.
  • Breland – A people of strength and cosmopolitan flare.
  • Eldeen Reaches – A dangerous land where nature is wonderful and terrifying.
  • Thrane – A Theocracy devoted to the Silver Flame.


Groups of Khorvaire and Beyond

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