Welcome to our campaign homepage. This Eberron Campaign This site as a place to write about your characters and keep notes about where you’ve been and who you’ve encountered. I will add and edit as necessary.

About the Campaign
It has been almost ten years since the end of the War that has come to define the continent of Khorvaire. Distrust and fear still permeate the relationships between neighboring countries and the damage wrought by over a hundred years of conflict is just beginning to be cleared away. However, the world of Eberron is an old one and while the Last War suppressed or overshadowed the conflicts of yore ancient animosities are rarely forgotten. Against this backdrop an unlikely band of experienced individuals strike out to find their destinies in a world striving to remember…

About the World
The world of Eberron is one of swashbuckling action and dark heroic fantasy, a world where magic is harnessed in the form of fantastic technology and conspiracies and intrigue abound. The result of a ground-breaking campaign setting search undertaken by Wizards of the Coast for the Third Edition of the Dungeon and Dragons game in 2002, the Eberron setting, created by Keith Baker, was eventually chosen out of more than 11,000 one-page proposals from around the world… read more

Whispers of Forgotten Ages

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