Arcane Congress

The Establishment of the Arcane Congress and Arcanix:

King Galifar I established the Arcane Congress in the village of Arcanix in Aundair. While Galifar I believed he had cemented the loyalty of the dragonmarked houses to his new kingdom through their acceptance of the Korth Edicts, he was aware that the greatest institution of magical learning and arcane research on Khorvaire, the Twelve, was entirely within the hands of the houses. The houses controlled the direction of the magical research conducted at the Twelve and also were entitled to first use of all the possible inventions created by the wizards, sorcerers and magewrights who called the Twelve home. Galifar wanted a counterbalance to the power of the Twelve and his own arcane research institution. To this end, in 15 YK the king established the Arcane Congress in present day Aundair and specifically tasked it with the pursuit of arcane research and the teaching of magic to new generations of mages, sorcerers, artificers and magewrights.

Current Operations:

The members of the Congress oversee the towers of wizardry, the Starpeaks Observatory, advised Aundair’s monarch on all things magical, and conferred with colleagues in the other nations (despite a rivalry with the wizards of the Twelve). Apprentices came from all over Khorvaire to Arcanix to train as magewrights, artificers, wizards and sorcerers, and so much of the village’s economy revolved around providing for the students. Due to the exacting standards of the Congress only the best pupils are selected for training as wizards.

While traders and the occasional visitor passed through Arcanix, most of the Aundairian common folk steered clear of the magically volatile village and the area around it.

Arcane Congress

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