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Maralen’s Character Sheet


A cloaked figure stands before you, flowing from a covered head, following the outline of a seemingly feminine body, and ending just above the ground. A sudden desire to speak with the cloaked figure comes over you, as though you’d always been friends. The elf pulls back her hood, revealing an ivory-fair face, framed by straight, jet-black hair. Her smile seems earnest and you’re quick to tell her whatever it is she asked. She didn’t seem particularly pleased with your latest answer; her smile melts from her face, her feature’s hardening into a stern gaze, twice as quick as the conversation began. Almost effortlessly, she brings her cloak over her face once more, and begins to float upward, above you. She sings of toads and eye of newt, of whispering winds, and thirsty earth. She rhymes in nonsense and weaves her hands through the air, leaving growing wisps of darkness between her dancing fingertips. Suddenly whatever enchantment the witch had placed upon your shatters as you begin to feel your world cave in around you. Your vision darkens as the witch finishes her incantation and points her finger at you, a malicious grin now occupying her once beautiful countenance.
As you spiral further and further from the waking world, whatever understanding you possessed is quickly replaced by the echoing, seemingly infinite, cackle of the witch that’s hexed you.

Maralen’s past is cloaked in shadows—-much like everything else about her. Sometimes she rambles, speaking in riddle and seemingly incoherent metaphor, but one would be remiss to write her off as addled. In her travels, she’s come to understand the ways of the world, as is able to wear a sociable face, for as long as it entertains her. She has little care for what happens to the ultimate end of friend or foe, yet she knows that progress further in her currently unknown quest, she requires allies, and that those who try and stop her must be…dealt with, and in such a manner as to deter further involvement.

She communes with bats, and trees, and clouds. She works in shadow, and seems to avoid sunlight when possible. She’s fiercely loyal to her cause, and those that get her there. In reality, her attitude is one of apathy and boredom, with a twist of impatience, all though she does her best to hide these with dealing with people that require “softer” interactions.
When coherent, she speaks with a certain degree of matter-of-factness and intelligence that denotes some level of experience with a nobler class. Her understanding of the world, both civilized and uncivilized, is above what you’d expect of someone like her. She regards the natural world with more intent than she does the civilized.


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