Dylan Ryder

Need a job done? This is the man to do it, and maybe you as well...


Race- Half Elf
Class- 2nd level Fighter/4th level Rogue

Dex-18+2(belt of dex)=20

AC-22, touch AC-17, Flat Footed-22
Base attack bonus +51
CMB +8
CMD +22

Noble Born
Sword Scion


Dylan is the sort of person everyone likes and wants to do something for, even as they are asking him for help. He is tall and slim, with a dancer’s build that hides tremendous speed and power. His hair is a dark shimmering blue, kept short and spiked as though on fire and his eyes are a bright silver, enhancing an already attractive, slightly elven visage (though he lacks the trademark pointy ears), that drive both men and women wild. This an effect that Dylan is well aware and loves to exploit in his work. He dresses plainly, as befitting a “Fixer” who travels and associates with all types of people, in black pants, a silver chain shirt and a dark blue vest with an long black tench coat over top. At his side he wears a long, slightly cured dueling blade prominently, but many a cut-purse or thug has learned that this is not the only weapon Dylan carries about his person…

Dylan’s story has been told time and time again. An overbearing father tries to force his life of war and nobility on his son, which further drives him away. The son, rich and bored, takes to burglary and crime to fill the emptiness that has consumed him at not living up to his father expectations. For a while all was easy and fun for Dylan. He got very good at what he did, stealing from his father’s rich friends and then selling the jewels and items to avoid living off his father’s money. He drank, partied and seduced whomever he wished by day, and scaled the rooftops of Aundair by night.

As he spent time in the underbelly of the city “slumming it” however, his eyes began to open to the injustices that were happening all around him. He saw people ignored by the authorities and cheated by the very nobles he stole from for fun. He saw how the blame for the items he stole was placed on servants who were then fired and left penniless, all because he wanted to have a bit of fun, and it began to change him. His life was further thrown into turmoil when his father announced he was disowned now that he had a “real son”. He told Dylan that he was a bastard, born from his father’s rape of a elven maid who promptly vanished after Dylan was born.

At that, Dylan was done with the life of a noble and his family. He took the money he had and enrolled at the Wynarn Academy to study investigation, research and anything else that would make him better able to help people. Eventually he left, feeling like he had all the learning he could get from school. Now he works as a “Fixer”, helping people who have need of his skills for a price, ducking authorities who are not a big fan of someone else doing their job for them, and trying to help those who need, but cant afford or find,that help…. and maybe finding a few people to seduce on the way.

Dylan Ryder

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