Whispers of Forgotten Ages

Starpeaks Part 2.1


You make your way from wherever you decided to meet prior to the courtyard where you are intercepted by a steward and taken to Larhut’s chambers. You approach two heavy doors with the symbol of the arcane congress upon them that are being guarded by what appears to be a heavily armored wood golem. This one is fashioned from dark hardwoods and seems to be well sculpted. The steward knocks and the doors then swing inward. The room before you is well kept and large bookshelves line the walls. A few meters another set of double doors and off to the side a desk with a young woman peering at you all over a large open book. As the party fills the room she stands and asks you to wait while she tells the keeper that you all are here.

A minute or so passes before the young woman returns. She opens both doors and informs you that you may enter. Inside the room Larhut sits behind a large desk with floor to ceiling windows behind him giving an amazing view of the mountains [spell casters you notice a moderately powerful spell effect when you enter the rooms of Larhut because the rooms are well warded]. “Thank you for joining me” he says before standing and walking around his desk. “I have been frightfully busy since I learned of your fate beneath the mountain but I believe this crisis may be yet dealt with. For a queen’s ransom we have secured the creator of the objects you were carrying and will have him here in the starpeaks to fabricate new equipment. We are hiring two airships to bring him and his equipment here under heavy guard in two days. I can tell you that your services in this current matter are unneeded but Kelsin Dor asked me to relay his thanks and to tell you that if you have need of work he has found you all resourceful and hardworking and future employment is all but guaranteed. While you failed to deliver the equipment I, at the urging of the High Captain (i.e. Saul), have determined that the danger you’ve endured should be rewarded and so you may depart on any of the airships that come in two days time or wait one week until the fabrication is complete and take passage then. All of the costs of this travel will be paid by us.”


Artifex 5 thinks that a week of downtime would be suitable for him to do some crafting and asks the group to grant him that time. This also allows us to stick around in case other dangers befall the keep. In that week of time, I will be breaking down the +2 leather Armor, the +1 scythe, and the +2 longsword (bane undead) and using those resources to craft an artificer’s backpack for myself and a set of +2 Mithral Agile Plate for Dylan. This will take the full 7 days. The backpack should allow me more freedom to continue crafting equipment for us while on the road.

Starpeaks Part 2.1

Dylan is of a mind that a week in this castle can help the team learn as much as possible about what is going on, and give his contacts in the city more time to get back to him. Ultimately the items Artifex can build us in the mean time will be extremely useful. and on top of that…. He wants to meet the builder of these items.

Starpeaks Part 2.1

Alahan says, “I thank you for your hospitality and understanding in the matter of our previous… job. I understand that a certain amount of indiscretion is always necessary but i believe i speak for all of us when i ask if you would be willing to disclose a bit more of the overall picture. For example, what was in the boxes we were to deliver, why are the duece so interested in them, why are they acting against Kelsen, who are THEY working for… I seriously doubt two assassins randomly came accross the info related to us and decided to make such a move, i would suspect someone more important or powerful is employing them. I would not normally ask such in depth questions of my employer as i usually act in a true mercenary fashion and can do so now if it pleases you, but i this has become more personal and i believe there is more to this story that you might be able to divulge that would aid us in ultimately aiding you later on down the road. In any case, if we are to stay for a week i would like to offer my services as a scout, healer or tracker for the duration of our stay while my colleagues are otherwise occupied.”

Starpeaks Part 2.1
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