Whispers of Forgotten Ages

Starpeaks Part 2


[I’ll assume that no one interceded into Alahan’s speech] It takes the party longer to get topside but you all eventually make your way up, through the caves of crops and into the stone cut underbelly of the fortress beneath the observatory. You soon find yourself in the company of guards at the main entrance into the fortress proper. Some chatting and diplomacy ensues. After a few minutes a tiny winged mechanical construct creature comes near. The head guardsman tell you to follow the Keeper’s homunculus but as he is speaking the homunculus chirps up that the master was above in his chambers but is currently on the way down to the central yard. Leading you all up quickly you pass workers and even children and soon find yourself in a large open area beneath clear skies. Off to one side Marga is watching a young man lead others in hand to hand combat training while standing in the center of the yard staring up into the sky is an older man in the traditional robes of the Arcane congress and a large mechanical quadruped standing at his side that his messenger lands atop.

He turns towards you clasping his hands behind his back. Larhut asks after your condition then insists that you see a physician and sends his tiny construct off to fetch one. He will press you on details of your recent troubles and provide answers to some of your questions but will only answer very vague questions or provide little information. Soon he informs you that rooms have been prepared and that someone will come check on your health once you’re settled in. He also tells you all the 1.5 weeks of pay awaits you (750 gp; your rate was 500 gp a week right?) in your rooms and the rest will be deposited as per your agreement with your mutual friend unless other instructions arrive and that items can be purchased from the smithy, alchemist, and magewrights. He then requests that you meet him that evening in his cambers for further debriefing. [You can ask question, buy items, get free healing, interact with Larhut and others and declare your intentions not to meet him later or take other actions].


Dylan proceeds to have the following conversations in the order they are listed ( ill leave it up to each of y’all to tell me how my attempts go):
- He speaks to Maralen, attempting to bury the hatchet over the problems they have been having, and thanks her for having the guts to save their lives when the rest (Including himself) had been unwilling or unable to do so. He then asked her opinion on what she thinks they should do next.
- He pulls aside Alahan and talks to him about what happened, trying to salve his ego over being feared (rolled a 19 Sense motive on that check before for his character) and discussing the next move they should make.
- He checks in on Artifex 5, making sure that he is doing alright and didn’t lose anything too important to the bastards. He then discuses some items he wants to have made and what to do with the stuff they have left as well as the next step they should take.
- He then continues his conversation with Magda, talking to her about the Eldeen Reaches and how she came to be at starpeaks and generally working to get to know her as well as possible (and I’ll have to let Charles decide what happens here, based on my roll from earlier) Mostly importantly he asks her if she can accompany him to recover the horses from the logging campsite.
- He sees a healer to get checked out, gathers up the pay he and buys a few things as well as working with Art to have some things built.
- he asks everyone to meet up slightly before they are to meet with Larhut to explain the missive from the “Royal Eyes” and how it was tied to the Queen’s informers including her suspicions about Kelsen Dor, so we could discuss how it was tied to some of the things the Deuce and the Kobold King had said about Kelsen, us and the situation. Only once we have our stories and thoughts straight should we go meet with Larhut to go over what happened with him.

Starpeaks Part 2

Artifex thinks that all this humanoid politicking is well beyond him, and seems very uninterested in any sort of subterfuge. “I intend to answer the questions with honesty, because I see no reason to do otherwise.” He will meet Dylan and the others before the meeting as requested.

He is very glad to have his bag of holding bag, and you learn that he affectionately refers to it as “the Matrix”. He does a quick tally of the few missing wands and with a stonefaced (er metal) nod, he indicates that this provides an excellent opportunity to recreate the wands, but to do it better than even the original creators did. He feels pretty confident that he can do it, although the wands will be his first ever, and will try it at some point when there is ample time. He doesn’t want to get started on anything until he figures out how much time the group has before setting out again. “There was another courier mission not too far from here, was there not? It would be great to forge some new items if there is no rush, but we should make a plan.”

Starpeaks Part 2

First order of business will be to return the map to Marga with my sincere thanks. He is respectful but stern and overtly cautious of those around him, even more so here than when he was in the wilderness. Beyond the thanks i will not make much “small talk” with Marga unless she initiates and insists (which i doubt will be the case). Beyond that i will remain watchful after my, at times, wayward companions as they depart and interact with the people here. I will keep a particular eye out for anyone tailing, easedropping or anyone Alahan would consider to be paying particularly close attention to any members of the group, following just far enough behind as to be close enough to confront/pounce upon anyone who arouses my suspicion or who overtly moves against a companion. At this point Maggie will be on constant search for the Deuces sent, having run into them a few times now and knowing how i feel about them. Please let me know if she picks up a trail. Other than that if nobody leaves or when they return i will interact with the group normally now and take a slight load off behind closed doors (confident that maggie will detect the deuce before they are able to pull off a complete surprise). As for my wishlist of items, i would like the following (prices to make included not market price):
Belt of physical fitness +2 (5,600gp)
Amulet of mighty fists +1 X 2 (1,750 gp each)
Druids vestments (1312.5gp)
As for the meeting before Larhut, Alahan is clear that at this point he is onyl really loyal to the group. Kelsen seemed like a good person but at this point it is safe to say he is way more than he seems. I too do not appreciate the subtleties of politics and although i am adept at diplomacy (usually used to keep me alive in foreign lands) i do not like dealing with hidden agendas, nor being a puppet.

Starpeaks Part 2

Maralen bares a certain amount of shame in any of her interaction. Not that she let down the group, of course, but in that she was unable to provide for herself in the previous failure. She seems somewhat dismissive of Dylans attempts to be friendly, but her disposition, despite her attempts at outward stoicism, is softened. Her speech less cryptic and less riddled with insults. Anyone who asks her for advice or outlook finds a simple answer, “Strike as swift as wing-ed hornet, with as much fury as the cornered wolverine. Show no mercy, waste no hesitation. We must prepare, arm ourselves for our enemies were greater than even I could imagine, but they still bleed—-they still die. I’ll shall commune with my Power, hone my wit. Dylan, see that your blades are sharpened and your body toned. Artifax prepare your best trinkets and study new ways to bolster us and hinder them. Alahan, sharpened fang, heated firestorm, and savage gales will aid us. You’ve helped us thus far, continue with us, as far as revenge may take you.”
She is, of course, particularly concerned with Artifax, doing whatever she can to aid him in his recovery. She agrees with him that they should tie up any lose ends with their previous courier mission, “we’ve already failed one, no use in burning two hands.”
Also, she keeps an eye out for any signs concerning her previous “mission.”
Although offering no apology, she offers to help Dylan recover the horses as, “those beasts, even human wrought and reigned, do not deserve the fate these rodent-riddled peaks offer.”
Beyond that she’s nothing to say to Larahut or any of the non partyer, but is more than willing entertain an audience with any who seeks.

Starpeaks Part 2

You are all able to get healed and whatnot. You can buy any masterwork or lower qualities items here and all potions are 90% or the normal price.

Marga informs Dylan and Maralen that they will have to leave immediately to get the animals. She gathers a group of Rangers and is waiting for you two in the main yard with mountain horses. Soon after leaving the gates of the compound she veers off the road onto steep mountain trails that descend quickly yet your horses are sure footed and make easy work of the path. All attempts to gather information from Marga are met with deflection and she does not speak of her homeland, the Reaches. She gladly discusses Starpeaks and the various trouble that makes it way or lives in the mountains.

At one point you are forced to cross the road again and you spot Saul leading a group of soldiers and two others you make out to be wizards of the observatory. He signals to your group and Marga brings you all to a hault. “Lo there,” Saul calls out as he nears. He guesses that you are all headed down to retrieve your mounts and insists on joining the group telling Marga to see the mages back to the fortress. Nodding goodbye she switches places with Saul and he orders one of the Rangers to lead on. Saul will ask you questions about your journey, you can answer as you see fit but he will not say much of substence about Starpeaks or the last few days rather he pivots everything into a story about the War.

Upon reaching the area where you left the horses you quickly notice that a few are gone [though from a mechanic prospective Hull and his men had the same horses the party had save Justin’s] though Moonhunter has gathered a few to him and they seem to just be contained to a the small open area near the tomb’s entrance. As you near Saul orders the Rangers to fan out and secure the perimeter. After Maralen and Dylan switch mounts (if they want to) Saul orders a ranger to gather the remaining mounts on a lead and then turns to you two and quickly tosses Dylan a sealed message tube wrapped in a piece of paper and asks him to put it away. “A mutual associate informed me that you all would see this missive, unopened of course, to the individual detailed in that note. They are in Stormhome and should be easy to find. The pass-code is ‘long-beard.’ If you haven’t completed this in three weeks I will consider the mission a failure. To be honest my days as an active member of the eyes is at an end but I wanted to see this mission through so young ones don’t fail, because otherwise I won’t be able to retire” he finishes with a smile. [You two have time for one question each before the rangers begin to return. You can ask your questions in this thread and I will provide answers]

With the rangers returned and the horse-line finished you head back via the road. You arrive back after last call in the mess but the rangers had food prepared for the road. The others are awaiting you because Keeper Larhut has asked for your presence shortly [New post for the next part].

Starpeaks Part 2

In regards to the messenger, Dylan asks him about the anymore “info” (instructions is intimated here) that may have arrived for him, in regards to the Eyes other requests of him. Once they return, Dylan seeks the post to see if his contacts in the city had revealed anything about the Queen, Kelsen Dor in general and the Eyes investigation of him (I got a 41 on that Diplomacy check back when Charles). If nothing has arrived, Dylan asks the post master to forward any of his mail that arrives after he leaves to Stormholme.
Finally, as the party gathers before the meeting with Larhut, Dylan’s lays out everything he has learned, gathered and surmised from the events of the past weeks (Any information Charles informs me I learned the from my contacts will be added here once he lets me know but here is what we have for now). The Royals Eyes have taken notice of the group’s activities in and around the city, as well as the activities of Kelsen Dor. They requested that Dylan inform on both Kelsen and Alahan (who they worry may have divided loyalties), keep Artifex on a leash for future use and report anything he learned to them. The Royals Eyes are the Queen’s network of informers throughout the country, are extremely pervasive and are powerful friends or foes to have. The Man who asked the group to carry the message to Stormholme was one of the lead Eyes. Dylan agreed to everything they asked but is informing the rest of the group because of what they have heard and seen about Kelsen and this mission, and frankly, because he trusts them far more than the rest of the world at this point. He does think that the Royal Eyes are somewhat more trustworthy that a dusty old Professor who has several more enemies then he should and is far more cryptic then necessary, not the mention some of the things the Kobold King and the Deuce said about him (specifically the Duce referred to him as “scaley”).

Dylan suggests that the best course of action is to stay in the good graces of the Starpeaks associates we have met, but take some time to carry the message to Stormholme and once there, learn more and make our next move. With that Dylan asks everyone else’s opinion so they can make a decision before they met with Larhut.

Starpeaks Part 2

Artifex 5 wonders the following (and openly asks the group)

1. How long will it take us to get to Stormhome by horseback? We have three weeks and may have some time to chill here while I craft a few things, depending on the answer.
2. Didn’t the guy in the previous town mention that he’d cover the transport costs (I thought there was mention of an airship?)
3. I have no loyalty to Kelsen Dor or the Eyes, but I know that Kelsen has come through with our payment so I am more apt to trust him at this point. I have no experience or opinions on the Eyes at this point. We shall see how trustworthy they turn out to be.
4. I’d like to pick up a few vials each of alchemist’s fire/frost/spark to replace the ones we used on the swarms. If we have time, I’d just craft them for a fraction of the cost, since I can. (craft alchemy).
5. I have spoken to Maralen about improving her marvelous headband provided we all have time. On the same note, I ask everyone else what their top pick would be for a magic item, if I had time to make them one (and assuming we have the total money from broken down items). I know I will be making an awesome new backpack for myself ASAP so that I can craft things on the road.
6. If we need to depart soon, then we might consider buying a few potions of various things at the awesome 90% discount.

Aside from these things I go with the party.

Starpeaks Part 2

Alahan also does not trust anyone other than the group at this point. “I will go where the money is and fulfill my obligations with a weary eye to whatever the group desires. Kelsen, the Eyes, Larhut, the Duece, all seem to be playing a big game of hide and seek and economic strikes, why don’t they just come out and settle everything honorably… I hate how complicated civilized folks love to make things that shouldn’t be. Lets go to this meeting and see what Larhut has to say…”

Starpeaks Part 2
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