Whispers of Forgotten Ages

Rising Darkness - Day 13

Like the wind that carries rotted leaves, ancient secrets swirl around this most intrepid group. By the toad’s eye and newt’s tongue, we are watched and baited from the corner of our vision. Unseen forces show themselves, much like a pebble in the sand, or the single bubble in the churning foam of the sea. Four have been hidden, and four have been found.
Long forgotten duties call, ancient ancestors of shadow call for aid, and as response I can feel the power burgeoning. Shadow surges from my fingertips and swirl around my mind—-my skin crawls with anticipation and twitch with excitement. With every bloodletting and foul curse placed upon some unwilling subject, the building pressure lessens. In our travels this day, we came across some murderous fey-creature, ill-gotten beast of the natural world, a foul perversion, but one I could admire. I fed on its blood, and while I garnered no powers from it (the pitiful thing was nothing more than a lackey, had no actual knowledge to offer), I could tell the shadows were pleased—-for only just a moment, their constant swirling slowed, their cacophonous wails lessening to little more than gentle hum, a buzzing bee—the queen’s lust satiated.

Still my companions seek to do “good,” however misguided. Morality matters not, only mission, if only they understood the severity of the world. The ground muddied with “innocent,” blood, yes, but if they’ve their blood let, then they deserve their fate. A village was burned to the ground by some “Silver Flame” zealous morons…religion once again marring the landscape of civilization. The only piety deserved is unadulterated, raw power. My companions sought to aid, I detested, but was overruled—-hardly worth the fight, anyway. And how our rewarded for seeking to do good? As any do-gooder should be, slapped on the wrist and chased after. We escaped, but only, I am sure, because I was able to sow confusion in the ranks with storm of ice and wind.
Additonally, we’ve been employed to deliver yet another secret parcel. Our abilities are wasted, but that do-gooder Dylan is quick to jump at any opportunity to assist someone, he’s like the shrew, scurrying around in dust while the hawk circles above. The money is hardly worth the ink I use to write about the job.
Our destination looms above us…I look forward to being done with this journey and moving on to something actually worth my time.


man… thats mean……shews are mean… YOU ARE MEAN!!!

Rising Darkness - Day 13
Anatexxis KJob

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