Whispers of Forgotten Ages

Rising Darkness - Day 10

Today marks the 10th Night-Rise in the 35th year of my Shadow’s Ascension.
The stars have burned a sinuous and weaving path before me, the forces of my beloved benefactor try me with trials and tribulations. These blood-stained days grow long, and the nights seem to hide other perils, wavering along the borders of our periphery, pouncing—-preying, even—-on our “fear”. I say, let them come and try to feast. Drink upon me and I shall gorge myself upon you, foul and clean, clean and foul—-water washed in blood, stone clothed by flesh, all held together by their sinew.
We’ve followed the path before us to the city of Eric Stol. Almost as soon as we found ourselves here, we were attacked by some…intriguing creature, imitating “poor” Beatrice. With an admirably deft strike, the creature nearly kill Goken—-who, when faced with his own mortality, apparently could “not take it” and left our ragtag group of playthings. Dor was quick to replace the ugly one with someone almost his complete opposite. Some toad who fancies himself a swordsman in many ways. His juvenile antics quickly grow tiresome, but I can’t deny the useful of such tactics when dealing with the lesser people of this town.
Dor has also found us Alahan, a man who stinks of dirt and twigs, to guide us on our journey. He walks the earth as though he owns the dirt beneath his toenails. The winds speak his name when he his near, and the trees seem to shake and shiver to his cadence. He brings with him a large cat, who carries the stench of the animal world. I can’t deny that these scents are almost comforting, a return to the way of the world. Best yet, the sweet, sanguine smell of blood hovers around them like a refreshingly glorious mist. I like Alahan, he understand the way of the world, unlike my other…naive compatriots.
In service to our benefactor, we attacked a warehouse, easily dealing with the paltry offering of guards. After a brief bit of recreation with some of the lackeys, we were attacked by a ball of flame, seemingly from some cowardly mage. Alahan’s cat was able to track them to an alley, where the trail disappeared.
We ended the evening with an ambush from some strange creature. My spells seemed to bounce off of it, dissipated by some arcane magic, a web of protection that cacooned the creature. It even managed to shrug off my curses and ill-omens, it’s mind seemed untouchable. I must study these creatures next I find myself in a decent library.
I could taste the blood and sweat of the mage in the air still, I’ve grown hungry for its blood and lust for its power…We must find these two, I plea to whatever aspect my Lord has taken to assist us, I cannot imagine this hunger I feel is uninspired.


Anatexxis KJob

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