Whispers of Forgotten Ages

Dylan's Case book: Case 215- Starry Eyed

Day 13

This mission is turning out to be one of the more challenging that I have ever experienced. After finally nearing Trek Spaaks , we were informed via carrier eagle that the most direct path was blocked and told a different path to take. We encountered an abandoned facility that was infested with traps, huge insects, and, in yet another shocking and confusing turn of events, a group of zombie Kobolds. It was eventually revealed that an undead Kobold Druid was behind all of this nonsense and we dispatched him and his followers, alive and otherwise. We met with an envoy from Golem of Trek Spaaks to escort us the rest of the way, whose name I won’t bother to hide, it was Hull.

We entered some rather dark places and after setting off some sort of ancient alarm, we were attacked by two waves of undead. The bar for weirdness was raised, yet again, when one of the ghosts from the first wave REALIZED he was undead and “put himself to rest” leaving a sword behind that appeared to be the only thing we could find to do damage to these ethereal nutcases. I took up the sword and we dispatched the first wave, and proceeded into the 2nd room, were we met yet another, far more powerful ghost thing that we only managed to take because of the gift from our suicidal ghost friend.

Finally getting near the end of the line, we ended up facing zombie royalty in the form of the undead Kobold king, who actually accused US of working for the changelings that apparently had been plaguing these poor zombified beasts. We were forced to dispatch the poor creature and his retinue. Thinking we were finally free, we hurried forward and betrayal struck us cold and fast. Hull turned on us and the changelings hit us like a train. By the end Castle was practically dead and the rest of us were not that far away from him. We were rescued by forces from Trek Spaaks but not before the Changelings had ransacked the storage of our metal friend and stole our charges, and a few other important items. We elected to travel on our own, but eventually, with our broken friend in tow, we arrived at our destination, alive but devoid of our items and some of our dignity.


Anatexxis Fisheraf

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