Whispers of Forgotten Ages

Dylan's Case Book: # 215- Starry Eyed

Day 23

We spent about a week resting and recovering here in Trek Spaaks, ¬trying to get some sense of what we want to do next and gather our wits about us after being so thoroughly defeated by the shape shifting bastards. We spoke with Golem regarding what happened, he promised that we would receive airfare to our next destination as some sort of consolation prize. I spent some time learning what I could of the outside world from my sources and anyone else who would spend time with me (must remember to write that pretty acolyte with the freckles….), and some of the news flowing a pretty disturbing picture. Raiding by the Eldeen in Anduir, destruction of small towns (similarly to the town we encountered in the mountains being attacked by the Silver Flame) possible revolt in Talas, and rumor of Andurian forces preparing for war (come to find out later that Robin’s brother has actually launched an invasion of the Eldeen). I feel that as soon as we leave, we are going to be heading into the storm in more than one way.

As the time for us to leave approached, things got interesting yet again. Out of nowhere a massive airship barreled into the dock, and caused all manner of disruptions. Turned out they are the captain, named Boxer, was severely injured and they stopped here, so Golem, an old friend of his apparently, could save his life. We wandered onto their ship, (where Alahan revealed that the damned ship was LIVING WOOD, which is definitely not what I expected on a damned airship) We came across the first mate of the ship, whose title, not overly creatively, was the First, and I am going to call him Pompous. He sent us on what he thought was a wild goose chase to get us out of his hair, but he was so very wrong, as at the end of that chase was his lovely shipmate, the Girl with the dragon tattoo. I got to spend some time with her as we went to talk with Pompous and Golem, learning the nature of the captain’s injuries and the creature they had chained on board their ship. I proposed the ship bringing us along on their trip to Some Lortme in exchange for extra protection onboard. Tangled and I went on to play a game of hide and seek for our wayward friend Castle.

We had searched as many places as we could think of, but before we could find him, disaster struck. The demon, a Rakashasa (crazy malformed tiger demon) broke out of its bonds and began massacring the crew and guards of the facility. Our team dealt with the demon before he could kill Swift, much to Simba’s guarded joy, with a new friend doing the lion’s share of the work. Her name was Littlefoot, quite a young girl, maybe 16, with a rather disheveled appearance but deadly aim with that bow of her’s (and of course, she ALSO has a random creature that hides in a piece of her clothing, a small dinosaur I think AND she also seems to have a fascination with blood, her and Tangled will get along famously I expect). We spoke with Golem and learned that this escape attempt was simply a diversion for penetration of the Trek Spaaks its self.

We were led to the area of the attack, hoping to learn what they had been seeking and see if we could find Castle. We searched high and low, and found nothing but several dead acolytes. Finally we found a sign of him in one of his treasured books, singed and on the floor, but no sign of anything else. My magically inclined friends told me that there was some sort of teleportation spell used in the same area. Before we could investigate further, we were attacked by a wizard who attempted to drop us all in acid, (he actually managed to do it with Simba’s smaller friend) and was subsequently almost sliced to ribbons by Simba, who had transformed into a HUGE lion. Luckily he survived, and after some intense “conversing” with Golem, we learned that he was a traitor working for some sort of religious groups, quite likely the Silver Flame, and that he had sent our friend Castle to a place he would not reveal. With that, we packed up and shipped out on the airship, got to Some Lortme and after accepting a dinner invitation from Boxer, we left to deliver our letter. The Peepholes were appreciative of our assistance and offered employment, which I am extremely interested in, but it remains to be seen as we separate for the evening, for our first time apart in almost a month, if this small band of very different people, will be working together again….


Anatexxis Fisheraf

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