Whispers of Forgotten Ages

Dylan's Case Book: Case 215- Starry Eyed

Day 8

1.Returned the items for Starry Eyes
2.Gave Dark Cloak back his goods after a close call, but did reaffirm “business ties” for him in the city that could lead to his downfall, if i am lucky
3.-Starry Eyes hired a druid as a guide, he has a very big lion. Seems like a good fellow in a scrape, seems to really enjoy calling cats out of nowhere. will call him Simba from now on.
4.Saved Specs from slavers
5.Almost blown up by one of the Deuce while interrogating said slavers
6.Left town to finish escorting items
7.Attacked by Wooden construct in the middle of the woods
8.Artifex 5 went insane for no conceivable reason
9.Decided I despise anything made of wood that is animated
10.Invest in far more, and by more I mean A LOT of bandages and healing potions for the next time I work with Starry Eyes

PS. buy someone a drink in honor of Artifex’s crazy robot ass….


Anatexxis Fisheraf

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