Whispers of Forgotten Ages

Dylan's Case Book: Case 215- Starry Eyed

Day 10

The situation has certainly changed since we left Rli Co and began to make our way into the mountains. The wooden golem that attacked us a few days ago almost left me for dead (as the earlier entry mentioned, I just didn’t have the strength to elaborate at the time) if it wasn’t for the timely invention of Castle, though he was lost in a bout of insanity at the time. We destroyed it and moved on, only to come upon a raiding party of Silver Flame zealots from Thrane attacking a small farmstead outside Kela’lioss. We were warned away by a ranger of the Aundairian guard named Swift who helped us escape from the raiders after the entire horde of them decided to chase after our small band. It was one of the moments when all I could do was remember the thunder of hooves from my father’s horse and shine of his armor as he and his Cavalier brethren rode down an enemy in the field. I never wanted that life, and Moonhunter is my only attachment too it, but it would have been nice to have him and his order there instead of having to tuck our tails between our legs and run. A timely ice storm from Tangled saw them off, though it may have just been her stare, I am not sure.

Entering the town, my stalwart and naïve friend Castle went to report to the “Guard” what had happened with Tangled in tow, who promptly managed to piss off the local constable to the point that it was noticed by our mysterious new benefactor. I really need to reiterate with Castle that he should really try and avoid letting her talk to people that we want to like us. Even lackwit guardsmen do not deserve that sort of treatment. Simba and I went off towards a local tavern, where I was hoping to catch a drink (and perhaps more) with our ranger friend, but was deterred by an odd note passed to me by the barkeep. The Peepholes are apparently trying to recruit me. It is interesting that after all of my work in Freehaven, it has taken this job with Starry Eyes to get their attention. In any case they apparently are not big fans of my current employer or my choice in companions. They ask me to inform on them all, except Castle, who they apparently want to use as a living magical smithy. I decided it would be fun to play the game, so I followed the instructions and contacted them, as well as some of my friends in the city to learn of any rivalry or issues between Starry Eyes and the Peepholes or even the Robin.

I had to give Simba the slip at first, but I returned and carried on with him and Swift before our friends arrived and his master, our mysterious Peepholes benefactor (who had apparently contacted everyone else separately as well as me). He asked us to carry a letter for him to Hurricane, and I volunteered immediately. Normally I would have wanted to wait and haggle but all this intrigue is getting my blood up. After that I spent the night plying Simba to see if he really did have ulterior motives, and after many drinks and much sharing, I felt trusting enough to confide in him my missive and my plans. He was uncomfortable with the game and even more so towards keeping our companions in the dark, but poor Castle is too innocent and honest for this game and I can’t say I trust Tangled enough to involve her just yet. I promised to share after when got to our destination.

After that we left the town and traveled for a day and a half, before being accosted in the foothills of Starpeaks by a psychotic little creature with a bad temper, a great sword and a horde of goblins, demanding our blood (to dip his HAT into of all things??? I kept the hat out of spite, but the thing smells something awful). We took care of him rather quickly considering he was absorbing most of our blows (Moonhunter acquitted himself well, taking out two of the goblins himself) and moved on towards the last bit of our journey. That last little encounter reinforced the fact that I really hate nature….


Anatexxis Fisheraf

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