Whispers of Forgotten Ages

Alahan's Journal Entry #345

WHat the hell have i got myself into...

It has been almost a full year now since my rapid departure from Valenar lands and i feel compelled to add another page into this journal to capture the events of my life in the event that my brother finds me unable to tell the story of what has become of me. Today marks a sort of milestone in my bid to integrate into the mainstream culture that i find myself in. Today i got a job… and a high paying job at that. No more do i need to float along the outskirts of civilization, making a living off of scavenging money and equipment by downing inferior opponents like bandits and others who would prey on the weak. I was just sitting in a tavern when an old human named Kelsen Dor(sp??)approached me and, in desperation, asked if i would serve as a guide for some employees of his heading to the Starpeaks despite me admitting i have never been to the Starpeaks before… The pay was 500 gold a week which is way more than i have ever been paid before. I met with the group that i was to serve as a guide for, and i must admit that they seem to be a capable collection of individuals. There are three of them: A Warforged donning heavy armor that can also cast arcane magic named Artifex-5, a half-elf swashbuckler named Dylan and an elven arcane caster named Maralen. After introductions I was quickly made aware that the group is very busy and likes to get involved in a number of noble undertakings. In this case, it was saving Kelsen Dor’s assistant named Beatrice who had gone missing. Out of pure curiosity I decided to tag along and like the others did not ask for any compensation. Our search led us to rescue the little girl from some golbinoid slavers who had taken up shop in an old warehouse. After defeating the inferior albeit aggressive creatures it was interesting to see that Dylan, the apparent leader of this band, wanted us to keep all of our foes alive, a thought that goes against my upbringing. I agreed to let this all play out and Maralen and I questioned our prisoners. In the process of intimidating the filthy lower creatures a fireball erupted around us engulfing nearly all of us killing our captives. The chase was on and Maggie and I were on the heels of our arcane assailant. We cornered the invisible foe in a dead end alleyway but it was too late, the foe had gotten away using teleportation magic… yes teleportation magic. I am beginning to wonder if 500 gold is enough now. I hope my new companions are able to match such magic or we are all going to have to close with this foe fast in hopes of preventing it from killing us. I come to find out that this foes was one of a pair of assassins bent on causing trouble for the group and they called themselves the Duec. A pair of changlings, one reportedly male and one female, brother and sister, sister dabbling in arcane magic and the brother a melee specialist. Oh what my brother wouldn’t give to be involved now. Anyways, I got maps of the Starpeaks and surrounding areas and we are heading to our destination now.


Anatexxis arcticfox6

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